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There have been mixed reactions to the outcome of the Labourchere system. The betting strategy is complicated to learn and leaving apart the nuances of the system, various experts suggest it as a waste of time. On the contrary, many of the players consider it as a boon. Not dwelling on both sides, the strategy needs to be taken at its face value. Also known as the cancellation system, the Labourchere system doesn’t need you to be a big shot in math, but a simple rudimentary calculative mind will do. With thorough research, you shall be able to get the hang of the tactic within no time.

How it works:

Once you understand the game that you are about to play, the next is to make sure that you have proper gambling knowledge f0r this strategy. For a start, know the game. The betting strategy was developed by Henry Labouchere (1831 – 1912). The initial step of the strategy is to jot down any sequence of the numbers and this must not be forgotten that the game depends on these numbers so don’t lose them. Be it any sequence. The betting tactic is to add the first number of the sequence and the last number and get the sum. The sum should be your total bet in the game. In case you win the game, the step is to cut the first and the last of the sequence. For instance, let’s say the numbers were 1-7-5 and the bet was $6, so after winning you’re left with 7.

What if you lose?

The rules are the same. Just in case you happen to lose the hand or the game, all you have to do is to add the number (amount) that you lost at the end of the sequence. So, it will look like 1-7-5-6. In case of a win, if the remaining number is a single digit. You will have to wager that amount and in case you won, the number is crossed and if you lost the number will get added.

Does it work?

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of people who believe that it works while others oppose it. However, there is nothing wrong in trying it out and with the flexibility in betting that it provides, the strategy indeed is an interesting one. In addition to that, you have a diverse range of bets that you can make.


Many of the players will not recommend the strategy for obvious reasons and even though you want to try, there are decent opportunities for winning. After all, gaming depends on how you approach, and as far as Labouchere is considered, you can try it out and when the bet climbs too high, there is a law a stop that you can put. In conclusion, betting on a game will have a lot of factors to look for and if you’re interested in knowing whether the strategy works or not, the best is to try it out in a game.


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