Gone are the days when people used to attribute superstition with gambling, but modern gamblers are much more educated and less ignorant. Before the player steps into the casino, he makes sure that he knows the game and all that is required. Over the last couple of decades, there have been many attempts by various math geniuses to devise the best plan. Every tactic matters and applies differently given that the the way player approaches the game is different. In short, the player takes time to understand the game and if a strategy doesn’t work for him, he’ll eventually come up with his own.

Wager 2%:

Suppose that the total bankroll you have is $500. Once you step into the casino, the urge to wager the money increases and doubles up. However, if you start by wagering a $50 streak, you will soon run out of money. The 2% strategy is to wager two percent of your total bankroll to prolong the game. The more you stay in the game, the better and increased chances you have.

The martingale:

There are mixed reactions son the working of the martingale where various players suggest against it and many say that it works. However, the best way to find out is to try it yourself. The strategy implies that the bet needs to be doubled when there is a loss. This is a loss-chasing strategy. The only drawback is that the amount of loss can be huge in case the outcome didn’t turn out to be good. As long as you have skills at the game, the process is smooth and you can at least expect something in return.

Banker’s head:

This strategy applies in the baccarat. Among the three betting options that the game offers Banker’s head is the easiest of them all. Every time a bet is placed, your task is to place the wager on the banker’s head. As a beginner, there can be confusing but as the game progresses and your knowledge increases, you will learn how to do it exactly.

Value betting:


The game where Value betting is used the most is poker where the task is to get the best return of your bets and value out your opponent.

Oscars grind:

There are various opinions about the strategy, but when its application is considered, it matters on the player and his experience. The tactic implies that you keep the bet the same that is one unit, irrespective of the outcome of the game. However, if you win after a loss, you increase the bet. This way the game will always be balanced and you don’t have to care about the limits put forth by the casino.


The central idea of a strategy is to boost your game, however, the application and understanding of the players matter a lot. In addition to that, the outcome of the game also matters on your knowledge and experience; the right step at the right time means a lot.


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