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Card games are a time killer. They’re a popular source of recreation and entertainment and have proved it for ages now, even before the invention of smartphones. They’re compact, lightweight and are easily commutable. But, they also have some downsides- what if you lose one of two of those cards? It would be impossible to play the game.

Since the popularity of smartphones has expanded worldwide, so has the reputation of mobile-based games, among which card games have topped. They can be played anytime, without the hassle of manually counting, distributing and maintain the cards. We’ve listed the top 5 card games that are breaking the ice in the world of Android phones:

Clash Royale

When we’re talking about best card games on Android devices, we cannot miss this one. This card game takes inspiration from the Clash of Clans, which is another reason why it makes the game one of the best of the lot. Initially, it was introduced for one-on-one play, but recently the game has been upgraded to multiplayer levels as well. The game does not demand money, but if you want to unlock premium characters or choices, then it requires real money.

Clash Royale


Hearthstone is also a popular one among the top card games. It has a loyal fan of the following that are addicted to the game. The game is incorporated with hundreds of different type of cards to choose from, which also allows you to create your deck of cards. This is one of the unique features of the game. It adds some assortment to the game. If you’re new, then you can learn how to play by watching their tutorials on Twitch or YouTube, free of cost.

Card Wars Kingdom

Although this game is not like the classic card games, it still holds its popularity. Their theme is inspired by the Cartoon Network’s time themed adventure game. You’re supposed to collect the cards before you play against your opponents. The game also includes hundreds of different characters and allows you to increase the character’s strength by levelling up.

Card Wars Kingdom

AI Factory Limited

They’re a famous company that makes card games like Rummy, Solitaire, Euchre and many more. The cards made by this company are old fashioned, and they stick to basics, without going overboard on the effects and other details. One of their most sold and popular card games is Blackjack. You have to bust the dealer without your hand exceeding a value of 21. That’s the only rule of the game.

Microsoft Solitaire

Solitaire is popular among any generation and all classes of society, especially if you’re a 90s kid. The android version is a little more elevated than the classic game. The game is incorporated with various choices and variants – FreeCell, Spider, Tripeaks and Pyramid. They have also included daily and weekly challenges that make the game all the more exciting and fun.


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