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Card games are the most fun thing you can do with your time, but if you’re aware of the tactics that you can apply to the game, then you can elevate your chances of winning. Mucking is the most used terminology in card games and before you are wagering, you must be known to it. There are mixed opinions about Mucking in card games and the definition can be varying, but Poker makes it more simplistic, it’s folding. Mucking can be different in Poker and other card games, and even though the concept is easy to learn, some dos and don’ts need to be kept in mind.

What is Mucking?

This is more common but not confined to Poker and in other words, it’s known as folding. The player simply folds or discards their cards face down to the dealer. However, you can’t do it all of a sudden, but you will have to wait and when your turn arrives, you can muck. Your cards will be dead the moment you throw them towards the dealers and you exit from the current game.

Mucking in Card games:

Mucking in Card gamesIn card games, Mucking is a dangerous action that can attract legal process against the player. In short, Mucking in card games is sleight of hand when you conceal the card and use it when you deem it necessary in the game. Having said that, the action itself entails cheating and with the increased and shared surveillance between the casinos, the security has become more modern. Casinos don’t tolerate any sort of cheating and if caught, the house can initiate legal action against you.

House policies:

The casinos make sure that they’re able to catch a cheater with the help of high-tech cameras and staff. Any form of cheating is prohibited in the casino and if you have been doing it at other casinos, there are higher chances that you’ll be caught. Due to the aggressive surveillance, the security in and outside the casinos has increased a lot and in all that security apparatus, the options of commencing a cheat are very unlikely. IN the past, it might’ve been possible, but as the casinos have added measures to check on the cheating, there are no chances.


Mucking in Card gamesWhile mucking in Poker is an innocent action, the card games give it a bad reputation. Given that you are to conceal the card and use it to your advantage, it makes it a cheat. Furthermore, the house policies discourage any form of cheating while playing and there’s no way that you can escape the eyes in the sky. Furthermore, it not only takes the fun out of the game but at the same time, there is less evidence that it has made a fortune for the people who tried it. Perhaps, one or two wins, but in the long run, skills, knowledge, fortune and the right step are the keys to win the game.



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