Casino card games

What started as a fun, soon became a business. The history of card games in the human civilizations goes through a lot of troubles and rocky paths, however, it has survived nevertheless. Spread on every table, almost, card games are the options that you will not want to miss. Just because some of the games have lost their charm on the players, some evergreen options continue to dominate the play, irrespective of the region and nature of the casino. They surely have their flock to admire.

Blackjack :

When the card games are mentioned, Blackjack is a name that merits respect. The rules are simple to understand and no matter where you’re playing the game, you will have the fun as promised. The rule is to beat the dealer and reach 21 or as near as possible. However, if you exceed the 21, you will lose.


After the initial cards are dealt, the player is asked to add the values of the two cards. If he gets more than the dealer, he won.

3-card poker:

As the game’s name says 3-card poker, the player and the dealer get the three cards to play with and after the bet has been placed, they can see the cards.

3-card pokerBased on the cards, they can decide whether they want to proceed further or halt. The task of the game is to make sure you get the highest hand, in other words, higher than the dealer. The Dealer can only qualify when he get a Queen or high in his cards.

Three card brag:

One of the most fascinating things about this card game is that it is believed to have been originated in the 16th century. The rules are just like the 3-card poker. You get to decide after the bet has been placed; whether to play further or fold.

Pai Gow Poker:

Pai Gow Poker

The American version of the Chinese game that is played with Dominoes. In the beginning, you’re dealt seven cards and your task is to split the cards into two hands in such a way that your 2-hand poker is lesser than the other hand. You have to beat the dealer with both hands, if one of them does it, it’s a draw and if you’re equal, the house wins.

Spanish 21:

The game is one of the variants of Blackjack. Played with 6-8 decks and 48 cards, the 1995 Spanish version is a must to try for those interested in cards.

Spanish 21Conclusion:

There is no dearth of card games in the casinos, however, some of the options and name merit respect. Even though the art of gambling can be a little easier these days given the advent of online casinos, but to successfully play a game will always require utmost caution and rigorous training. Without preparation, nothing can be achieved. In addition to that, the feature of bonuses and promotions adds the fun of playing in online casinos and as long as you’re prepared, you have decent chances of winning.



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