Gambling in the country has always gone through a lot of trouble, however, the most recent being the ban on casinos in the country. Even though the recent history of casinos in the country is controversial, it’s also the country that has used the card games as a favorite pass time. Since the colonial times, the Japanese were introduced to the European card gaming by the European settlers, and ever since the game has continued to progress. The card games in the country are an integration of the country’s culture and games original characteristics.


This is one of the names that are well-known to every Japanese and once you step into the country, the card games are revolving around it. 12 suits are representing the months, the cards represent flowers and every suite has a ribbon, an animal, or a bright card. In addition to that, all these symbols have points to win.


Poker is one of the most popular games on the planet and no matter what the location of the casino is, Poker is one such option that nobody wants to overlook. It’s also one of the games that Japanese gamblers and non-gambling crowd play daily. Given that the casino in the country is banned, the online casinos have appeared on the scene to fill the gap. However, the country is set to legalize the casino in form of Integrated Resorts. The new legislation will see the establishments of the casinos in three places and with the country’s reputation in the gaming arena, the expectations are running higher.

Anime card games:

Anime is the production of Japan. The normal animation of the country takes a different shape outside the country and with the diverse range of the target audience, it generates a whopping amount of revenue. The annual budget of the Anime series is $2billion. Even though there were attempts by the other country to produce the famous animation, but to no avail. The Anime card games were introduced in 1990 when the series became an instant hit. It was followed by the various countries participating in the tournaments and is also one of the favorite games in the country.


Despite being the new game, Karuta has managed to carve out a special place in the gaming arena of the country. There are two hundred cards and your task is to make sure that you pick the right cards. The two sets of cards are – reading (Yomifuda) and Gambling (Torifuda) cards. The player will read from the Yomifuda and the other players will see what matches the card. Once any player finds the match, he will be considered the winner.


The country’s reputation is well-known and as the country is set to make its debut in the casino industry, there are a lot of expectations on Japan to keep up its gaming reputation and as the world moves on to a new era, the country will have to deliver on the expectations.



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